Simple instructions to do it yourself

The Mailbox Shoppe and Flag Co. cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by do it yourself installers.  If you are not qualified please call a professional.

Tools needed:  Shovel, post hole digger, post level, 50 lbs. instant setting post concrete.

1. Call your local utility locator! They will check for all utilities and give you a dig date. This is of the utmost importance no matter how sure you or Uncle Joe is that there is nothing there. It’s a free service.  Use it.  We can’t even count how many times there have been utilities where the homeowner was positive there wasn’t any.

2. Check with your local Postmaster for the correct height and distance from the roadway. Generally, the height is 42 to 48 inches from the inside floor of the mailbox to the roadway (not the top of the curb) and about 6 to 8 inches behind the curb. However, each Postmaster can set their own requirements. It’s also a good idea to keep your mailbox about 4 feet from the edge of your driveway to avoid any mishaps by your teenagers or Uncle Joe!

3. Cut out a 12 inch section of sod about 6 inches deep. (Save it for later) Then use your auger or clam shell type digger (can be rented) to remove soil to approximately 30 inches.

4. Place your wooden post (or assemble your manufactured post according to the manufacturers instructions) in the hole and check the height. Add or remove soil to get the correct height. If you have a short post, (not recommended) add concrete to get the post to the correct height. The 30 inch hole will help prevent heaving in the winter and maintain a nice looking straight installation.
5. Pour about half a gallon of water in the hole. Making sure to keep the post straight and in proper position,begin to pour instant setting concrete in the hole. Pour concrete to about 6 inches from the top of the hole. If you have used the whole bag you can pour about another half gallon of water on top. Follow the instructions on the bag. Remember to get instant setting postconcrete. This is the only one I know of that you do not have to mix.

6. Replace sod for a finished look.

7. Assemble mailbox.

The Mailbox Shoppe & Flag Co. is available for installations in Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana. Builders, HOA’s and other quantity installations available in other areas. Please call for details. Toll Free-888-566-2010


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