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Woodendipity Style Bantam Style Rooster Novelty Mailbox


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Show off your love of animals with this handcrafted wooden Woodendipity Style Bantam Rooster.  This mailbox is designed to the style and specifications of the popular Woodendipity mailboxes.  The Woodendipity Style Bantam Rooster is built around a USPS approved size 1 mailbox.  This will keep your mail dry and safe while still having the handcrafted design of the Woodendipity Style Bantam Rooster.  A cage made out of exterior B.C. plywood is built around the mailboxThen it is covered with layers of Western Cedar.  This gives the textured layered look of our rooster mailboxAfter construction the artists add their own mix of realistic colors and details to bring him to life.  As a final step, we add multiple coats of exterior polyurethane as a protective layer

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